Confprofessions and Aprieuropa mission to the US. Supporting internationalization for freelancers

A busy week in New York and Washington to foster international development and business connections

The United States, the global crossroads of culture and opportunity, is preparing to host an exceptional networking event Oct. 16-22, 2023, organized by Confprofessioni in collaboration with Aprieuropa. This journey will reveal Italian excellence that crosses national borders through the decisive contribution of freelancers.

The event will begin on October 17, with a special meeting at the headquarters of the Italian Trade Commission. Entrepreneurs, industry experts and Italy enthusiasts will converge here to discuss business strategies, create partnerships and discover the latest Italian innovations.

The next day will take us to the office of Fox Horan & Camerini LLP, a renowned international law firm. Experts in the field will explain the challenges and opportunities in business between Italy and the United States, emphasizing the importance of reliable legal advice to ensure the success of future international transactions.

On Oct. 18 in the afternoon, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in New York will demonstrate that Italy is not only a land of artistic and cultural beauty, but also a beacon of business excellence globally.

The final day will begin with an inspiring meeting at the United Nations headquarters. Here, participants will have the opportunity to explore Italy’s role in the global landscape, discussing crucial issues such as sustainable development, human rights and international cooperation, thus anticipating the importance of Italy’s future contributions to the global stage.

In the afternoon, at the exclusive Union League Club, we will immerse ourselves in an out-of-time atmosphere thanks to Grassi Advisors & Accountants. Accountants actively working between the United States and Italy will share valuable insights on financial strategies, illustrating how careful resource management is critical to any successful internationalization process.

Finally, the day will culminate in an exclusive event at Unicredit, highlighting the importance of strong banking relationships in promoting investment and economic development, thus anticipating future financial ties between Italy and the United States.

Our delegation will then move on to Washington, starting the work with an exclusive networking event at the charming Italian Embassy to the United States. Here, we will immerse ourselves in an evening of meaningful connections and discussions about the future of U.S.-Italian trade relations.

On the morning of October 21, we will visit the United States Capitol, the hub of American political power in Washington. In this experience, we will have a unique opportunity to understand Italian influence in global political dynamics. It will be an opportunity to explore how international relations will continue to shape the political future of the world.

The evening will conclude with a networking dinner organized by Confprofessioni. This dinner will be a unique opportunity to savor concluding our journey at its best and to launch the next initiatives that Aprieuropa and Confprofessioni are building for the coming years.

Thanks to the synergies created among entrepreneurs, professionals and organizations, Italian Excellence will continue to shine in the heart of the United States, creating lasting bonds and promoting a shared vision of global prosperity.

Professional and institutional informational and networking meetings

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