Since 2023, APRI INTERNATIONAL, formerly known as Apri Europa, has undertaken a significant transformation to reflect its growing international engagement. This change was motivated by its mission to attend the Dubai Expo in 2021, Singapore in 2022, where APRI Europe hosted a seminar on “Opportunities and Benefits for Professionals and Businesses,” as well as key events in New York and Washington in 2023.

These efforts demonstrate the company’s commitment to providing support to international professionals and businesses.


APRI INTERNATIONAL is dedicated to supporting professionals and associations involved in internationalization policies.

The company plays a crucial role as an intermediary between institutions, private entities in other countries, including (SIMEST, SACE) ICE and Assocamerestero, and Italian professionals eager to expand their knowledge and establish relations with foreign entities.

Promoting International Exchange

To facilitate knowledge exchange and promote collaboration between Italian and foreign professionals, APRI INTERNATIONAL analyzes the economies of all those countries with which professionals wish to interact.

n addition, the company actively promotes relations between CEPLIS and institutional representatives of the professions in these countries. Finally, APRI INTERNATIONAL organizes missions of institutional value in each of the countries.

Promoting Economic and Institutional Relations.

APRI INTERNATIONAL actively promotes economic relations between Italy and the rest of the world, offering support to Italian professionals and businesses in their internationalization journey.

The company offers a wide range of specialized services, including information, training, promotion and consulting. These services help to understand foreign business environments, identify new opportunities, enhance existing relationships, and create new synergies. APRI International supports professionals in establishing relationships with the network of Embassies and Consulates.

Access to International Economic Data

APRI INTERNATIONAL offers a service that provides access to research-based international economic data, including key macroeconomic indicators relevant to freelance professionals, as well as foreign trade data concerning the country under review.

At APRI INTERNATIONAL, we are committed to fostering international collaboration and supporting professionals and businesses on their path to global expansion. The company’s dedication to these principles guides its mission and actions, making it a valuable partner in the international success of its clients.

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